Ski Patrol Rescue Team (SPART)

* The Ski Patrol Rescue Team (SPART) provides emergency medical/trauma care in wilderness environments year round to the citizen's of King County. SPART's most valuable resource is it's over 60 volunteer members who any season will take time from their otherwise busy schedules to respond to a cry for help. We support our members and the other members of King County Search and Rescue, by maintaining two equipment caches stocked with safety and rescue gear. Members of SPART are actively involved in educating others. Our internal training programs are member driven with most instructors pulled from within our own ranks. Many of the instructors for the Northwest Region of the National Ski Patrol and the King County Chapter of the American Red Cross, are members of SPART. Our members also assist in the training of other search and rescue teams within King County and across the United States. And finally, we talk regularly with youth organizations and sponsor public courses in avalanche and wilderness safety.

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